What is Sorghum?

Sorghum is a member of a grass species and is grown in semi-arid regions around the world. Grain sorghum is an important crop for cereal, baking flour, syrup and malted beverages. Sorghum is also a valuable animal feed with a nutritional value that is similar to corn. Sorghum is a rapid growing crop with over six feet of growth in as little as 110 days. It requires very little water and can provide multiple harvests per year. Throughout the ages, sorghum has been used as a building material as its high cellulose stalks are pliable and strong. The United States is the second largest producer of sorghum in the world and as much as 12% of its production produces various biofuel products (source:USDA, WASDE, October, 2009).

ChloroFill has developed a process to manufacture sorghum panels that can be used for a variety of interior design and building uses. We are working with sorghum farmers across the USA and obtaining material that previously could be considered agricultural waste. CholorFill's sorghum panels are not only made from strong, durable and sustainable materials, their production also supports US farmers.